Published 2010-02-25 23:18:00

Job hunting is going pretty slowly (if anyone at ubuntu is listening hint hint ;) , and projects are pretty much done, so I get to work on really cool stuff.

While developing in seed is pretty productive, hunting down the documentation, or discovering the right method to use has been one of the roadblocks I have been bumping up against. So wondered yesterday how well the introspection code in seed works.

Turns out, that the built in Seed.introspection() method is pretty pointless, even after committing a few extra features, I discovered it was never going to be much help. However girepostory has it's on gir/typelib file, so you can call introspection directly.

After a few experiments, I worked out to inspect basically every method, and class in Gnome. Hence there is now full documentation for every Gnome Class that seed can talk to (this does not include libxml however, as it does not use gir to talk to that.

Support for doc comments (by parsing the gir files) is there, but the machines I build on unfortunately have rather old gir files, which do not include all the docs comments.

This code could be very easily refactored to generate docs for pygi, gjs or vala.. or any other gir based binding..

For your viewing pleasure..

If it's not working, it's probably as I'm working on it and have broken it.

The code is in my seed subversion repo the key files that do all the work are JSDOC/Introspection.js, and docs.js The rest of the code just deals with Template parsing and handling (/docs/* are the templates)

To run it you need cutting edge seed (which can take quite a while to set up as it depends on a recent webkit build)


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Love it, but
I love it, but I tried to get it working on my system and it was throwing some errors.

Could you please put the generated HTML somewhere as a tarball? Because the site is offline.
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