Published 2007-02-25 10:07:01

Normally I dont just post a link, but this one is on the 'have to see' list. Walter Bright, the author of Digitalmars D, gave a talk to a C++ group about some of the cool features of D. - reserve an hour to listen to this one.

Video of Walter Bright at the C++ group.
Slides of Walter Brights talk at the C++ group
Event details for reference

Some of the stuff like scope(exit) - makes Exceptions actually usable. Some of the other stuff like templates I'm still trying to get my head round, let alone decide how the fit into writing maintainable code....

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D should be interesting to learn
The first version of D is already out and the second version should be even more interesting of a language.

It should be fun to learn the language as it is a little bit more difficult to learn than C, but easier to learn some of the more complex concepts than C++.

It would be even better if it supported more of C++, since there are a lot of great libraries in C++ that would have to be rewritten for D.
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