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Are you looking to increase your companies profitablity through automation, or do you have a great idea for an online application, Roo J Solutions can turn your ideas into a reality


With over 15 years of specialised experience in Software Development and Linux Services, we have been developing business automation solutions for companies throughout the world from a variety of technology-dependent industries.

We work with startups, established companies, and non-profits, turning their ideas into reality with the development and deployment of custom software applications, designed specifically with their organizational goals in mind.

We specialize in web-based applications both for internal networks and public web sites, creating secure and dynamic applications with the aim of delivering value to your business. We also provide ongoing support, where needed, for software modification and maintenance.


We have worked with several startup companies, frequently turning what starts out as just an idea into a profitable business venture. We get our clients from the idea stage to a working prototype which demonstrates proof of concept, and then ultimately to deployment of the software or application. From specialist media portals, beauty salons, IT event finders, online retailers, and book sellers, we've done it all!

Our software often winds up as the backbone around which our customers are able to build real companies.


Many of our clients are companies that have outgrown the use of excel spreadsheets for handling their organizational data. We build custom solutions so that all staff members have access to such data when needed, thus ensuring more efficient and better collaboration between them. From managing inventory and shipping deliveries, simplifying accounting practices, tracking time, and even calculating aircraft landing speeds; no project is too complex or unusual.

Our best efforts are aimed at understanding not only your requirements, but also how these requirements fit in with your operation, in order that we can create the perfect solution for you.


If your business needs to increase interaction with customers to drive sales, or if you are a non-profit looking to generate interest and action towards your cause, we can help! We have experience working with Facebook, Linked-in, Weibo, and many more, integrating these social media platforms into the applications we develop with a single sign-on to ensure that the users you attract are those that match your target audience.

We also have designed high-capacity email marketing systems which can deliver targeted emails, whether intended to identify new customers, or simply communicate with existing ones.






Lines of code


Just like our clients, we are very proud of what has been delivered for them. click on any of the screenshots to find out more

Agency Trade Platform

Original built in 2004, and revamped in 2010 this feature full application enables tracking of all orders, shipments and products along with producing extensive reporting and security features.


We developed for a Financial Start-up a full blown KYC / AML system, with integrations into Money Laundering databases, and Bio-metric ID scanning, The project took over a year to complete and enabled white labeling, and question customization for each client.

The system made extensive use of our Roo Javascript library enabling rapid prototyping and a integrated method to create customized interfaces based off bootstrap themes

Annerley - online shop and course booking

Annerley Ltd Hong Kong, provides midwife, maternity and early childhood services and courses. I was asked to migrate their existing website which had a complex hosting requirements to a new shop. 

The new shop had to handle course schedules. To keep costs under control, we decided to use google calendar to manage these courses, and import the schedule via ical into the shop. This saved the development of an interface to manage this information. And gave a user friendly way to manage this information.

The shop uses our reliable FlexyShop product, which now is running 4 sites as of December 2011. The shop is easy to customize and extend. It now supports Worldpay, paypal and novapay payment gateways.

Aspen Optics web shop

Aspen optics needed a simple shop , delivered fast and cost effectively

Bloom and Grow Asia online shop

 This online shop has been running over 10 years doing online transactions

Business Data Portal

RIS HK is as channel research company. This Portal is service to quickly search Technology providers, distributors throughout Asia. Designed to enable companies quickly to find potential outlets for their products. 

Chrome extension to bulk reply with Gmail and Salesforce

We developed this solutions to handle bulk enquiry responses to campaigns for a large UK charity. It connects to Gmail, retrieves tagged emails, and responds with a templated canned message, along with logging the interaction against the users Salesforce record.

Clustered Web Deployment

To ensure high availablility of a number of Web applications, we researched and built a mesh of servers using a multitude of technology, including mysql clustering, file replication, mesh based VPNs, read more on my article about building reliable clusters here.

ERP Based on Xtuple

 Using the open source software xtuple, we migrated this client from netsuite, and built a quick user friendly interface to enter data

Fab English Books

Fab English is a boutique tutorial company in Hong Kong, this site was set up to promote their new book for children 

Facebook App - Dear Good Boy

 This facebook application was developed to create a viral buzz about a new product.

Hex - Hardware Exchange

Hexasia is a hardware trading platform which provides a trustable intermediary when buy and selling Hardware.

Hydra Jobs - IT Recruitment Platform is a revolutionary jobs recruitment platform, that uses the latest technology to match talented people with companies seeking them.

IOS Mobile Educational Application

Taking over the development from the previous developer, we turned around this educational IOS application written in Swift. Implemented a Model/View/Controller codebase, and added a number of new features, along with reducing code complexity and fixing a number of crashes.

IT Event Aggregator

In 2013, Scott Drummonds and Doug Farndale, two veterans of IT and the Asia Pacific market , seeing a gap in the IT event market decided to develop an aggregation site to list all the conferences and events in asia. The result was

Jobs on Boats - Recruitment platform

JobsOnBoats is the first Hydra based Job recruitment site after HydraJobs, It matches Boat crew and owners

Mailfort Anti-spam and Mail Monitoring

This service is designed to not only filter spam but enable monitoring of company email and control usage and prevent leakage of confidential information.

Mass Email Marketing

For a local Hong Kong company, we manage and set up the infrastructure for their online marketing campaigns. The system is designed to deliver around 2 million emails in less that 4 hours. And follow Hong Kong email marketing laws.

Membership management

The Member and Billing system for Hebe Haven Yacht club, This Browser based application has been used for over 7 years, centralizing all Member data and transactions.

Online Shop - Milk Powder

To accommodate the great demand for safe Milk powder in Hong Kong and China, Made in New Zealand asked us to build an online shop.

Prettybooked - Hong Kong's Beauty Finder

 Prettybooked is an online resource to find Beauty Services in Hong Kong. Matching Shops and Services with Retail customers. 

Support HK - online petitions

Support HK is an online environmental petition site. Visitors can create Petitions, share on social media and submit their completed petitionto the relivant department

Timesheet System

Developed for one of our clients, this timesheet system is designed around teams and projects. Time is billed against your team or other team projects. And can be costed up. 

V1 Performance Aircraft

V1 Performance Aircraft provides reports on the optimal take-off speeds for small aircraft in australia

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