Support HK is an online environmental petition site. Visitors can create Petitions, share on social media and submit their completed petitionto the relivant department


ADM Capital Foundation, offers strategic funding and other support to organisations that work innovatively towards ensuring a better life for some of Asia's most marginalised children and on environmental conservation in a manner that is sustainable and sensitive to local cultures.


Develop an online petition web site similar to,  where visitors can create, distribute using social media petitions targeted at environmental concerns in Hong Kong.

The system had to support multiple languages, both destop and mobile platforms. With integration into Facebook, Weibo and twitter  login and sharing.


Written in 2013, This makes extensive use of the Pman Components for the Adminstration side, along with The Roo Javascript Library. For the visitor side, PEAR Libraries are used to provide the Templating and database interface. Underneath is a Mysql library.


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