In 2013, Scott Drummonds and Doug Farndale, two veterans of IT and the Asia Pacific market , seeing a gap in the IT event market decided to develop an aggregation site to list all the conferences and events in asia. The result was

With our help we built a site based around the Roo bootstrap library, enabling them to manage and update a calender of events. The site features a new widget in our Roo bootstrap library - an interactive calendar. 
Along with the detail event schedules, the site is highly integrated with social networking, featuring single sign-on with Linked in, activity feeds for user participation, and tracking of which events your friends are going to.

Technical Advances

This was the first site to use the SEO friendly version of the Roo Bootstrap Library. Normaly designed to create a page from pure Javascript, this uses a method of overlaying HTML rendered using PHP templates, with the dynamic code from the Roo Bootstrap Library. This ensures that even though the page is generated initial using a Javascript UI model, it can also be indexed by google and other search engines.


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