The Member and Billing system for Hebe Haven Yacht club, This Browser based application has been used for over 7 years, centralizing all Member data and transactions.


Hebe Haven Yacht Club


Build an intranet web based application to replace the existing dbase member management system, adding features like photo's of members, store touch card data, integrate with the new POS system. It was to produce monthly Member bills and analysis for financial and business planning.


Written originally in 2003, This was developed as a classic HTML application, the core technology used in the development of this application provides the basis of the contributed PEAR libraries, which are still being used in new applications today.

The application implemented a number of experimental technologies, including and SVG to PDF templating system, enabling maintenance of elegant bills. And developed the basis of HTML to Excel reporting libraries.

The Project also involved C coding with embedded Linux, building a custom links terminal based browser and integrating touch cards to enable the display members information at the POS stations when the members card was put over the sensor.

Over the years the applicaiton has seen huge changes, including integration of Carpark system, improved input methods for bulk inputting and checking of data.

The original system was implemented on a PostgreSQL database and was migrated to Mysql later, illustrating the power of database abstraction code in the design of the application.


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