Original built in 2004, and revamped in 2010 thisĀ feature fullĀ application enables tracking of all orders, shipments and products along with producing extensive reporting and security features.


Small Trading company based in Kowloon,


Implement a centralized database and interface, to replace a large and growing set of excel sheets used to track and monitor all orders in the company. Including which order was on which shipment and monitor the inspection results.

Along with this a number of financial reports and product data sheets where needed, providing price histories for buying trips and forcast revenue for growth planning.


Written originally in 2004, before the advent of real Rich Javascript Applicaitons, this was developed in XUL (and hence required all desktops to have Firefox installed). The Application was Specified in some detail, and then the core development was outsourced to the Ukraine. By ensuring a detailed code specification, and coding standards the result was a codebase has been maintainable over the current lifespan. It has undergone a number of enhancements over the years, and Is currently under redevelopment to be integrated into the Pman Component system.


This is an early screenshot of the new version

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