Using the open source software xtuple, we migrated this client from netsuite, and built a quick user friendly interface to enter data

Netsuite Migration

The first part of this project was to extract all the data from Netsuite, a cloud based ERP System, which eventually proved unsuitable for this client.

Developing in house tools to extract and verify data from Netsuite we built a shadow database of the Netsuite data, then used this as the basis for the new system.

Xtuple Import

We built a system to take the netsuite data and replay all the transactions in Xtuple. This handled every conceivable type of ERP activity for over 1.5 Million transactions over nearly 3 years of data.

Dragon - an Intranet based Friendly UI for Xtuple.

The final part of this project was to build a Friendly User interface for day-to-day operation of the ERP, so that data could be input quickly and reports on the business status could be easily viewed.

Below you can see a view of some of the screenshots.

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