HydraJobs.net is a revolutionary jobs recruitment platform, that uses the latest technology to match talented people with companies seeking them.


Hydra started out as a startup with Seed capital funding.
The aim of Hydra was to solve the numerous problem that IT recruitment had developed over the years. The first step was to turn the whole process on it's head, and move to a system where talent can be matched on their skills, experience and knowledge. Rather than the adhoc method of hoping that the right candidate happens to read an advert in the right place at the right time. Then having managed to apply for a position, ends up lost in a pile of mis-matched candidates who should not have applied.


The founders had some idea to solve this, basically using criteria based questions, then using proximity and boolean matching to find candidates for employers, We worked with them to come up with a simple, and easy to enter process to fill in the information, and then a responsive and interactive search tool to search the database.


The first version of the site uses classic LAMP technologies along with our Bootstrap Roo Javascript library, the Roo PHP library, PEAR code and some Mysql Stored Procedures. As the site grows we envision evaluating large data and nosql database, but for pure speed of delivery and achieving the first working platform 

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