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Daily builds / downloads available

I've set up a cron job now, so all the bindings and binaries are built daily, you can download them from here.
This includes gtkjs, mjs and jsfastcgi, In theory it would not take too much to build this on Windows... - Send me the fixes if you  attempt it...

Just download, unzip and try out
./gtkjs test/filetree.ds

the gtkdjs Documentation is updated daily to match

And I still need a better name for the project;)

Closure and scoping fixes.

After seeing a post on the DMDScript newsgroup concerning closures and scoping issues, I spent quite a while looking at the issue.

The basic problem, was that the original DMDscript code was designed to create a cache of function definitions, and re-use them whenever they where refered to. Along with this, they had no concept of creationScope. so variables in the creating scope where not available. Fixing this involved quite a few changes to the compiler and runtime. Basically creating new Function instances when they are found, rather than only once at compile time. Along with storing the scope inside the Function instance. so when they are called they understand the correct scope. Anyway standard Javascript scoping, and closures all work as expected.

Undefined Warnings improved

I mentioned in my last post that I added Warnings when undefined variables where accessed, I've modified this slightly as undefined is a valid type in Javascript, so unassigned arguments to a function call are flagged as undefined, but accessing them should not issue a warning. So only when the scope.Get(variablename) calls return null, rather than a Value.vtype[V_UNDEFINED] flag this warning now. 

LibSoup extension

LibSoup provides HTTP support, at present, basic sync requests work, the code is there for async calls, but I've not tested it yet. test code is in tests/Soup/.

This little bit of code get's my web site, and shows headers, then extracts all the href from all the <a> tags.
var sess = new Soup.SessionSync();

var msg = new Soup.Message("GET", "");
status = sess.sendMessage(msg);

println("Status is " + status);
println("ResponseHeaders is " + msg.responseHeaders.toSource());

var imp = new Dom.Implementation;
var doc = imp.createHtmlDocFromMemory(msg.response);
var a_s = doc.getElementsByTagName("a");
for(var i =0; i < a_s.length; i++) {
println("got href: " + a_s.item(i).getAttribute("href"));

XML2 limited support

To enable parsing of html documents for Gdome, I've added limited support for XML2, it's mostly used by the Gdome method:  Dom.Implementation.prototype.createHtmlDocFromMemory( String htmltext )
The Generator code is currently tied into the libxml header files on my system.. this needs fixing so it uses the gtkwrap download script. (but the code is a  nice example of how to automatically create bindings based on .h files..)

Gtk.SourceView support

In preperation for testing text editing (and eventually self-editing / morphing of applications), I've bound the GtkSourceView widget. Unlike the standard Leds editor which uses scintilla, I thought I'd try and see if using GtkSourceView would prove more robust. - The bindings had already been done for GtkD, so there was not much to change to the APILookupSourceView.txt code. I only used the full name "sourceview" rather than "gsv"

Handling of missing functions and Libraries improved

When I was testing GtkToolbar on one of my machines which had an old Gtk library, I discovered a segfault when it called a newer function that did not exist in the old library. To fix this, the Loader.d file now binds a simple function that throws and exception to any method it can not bind. So you can catch in javascript any call to unsupported methods in a library.

Phobos Path module added

all the methods from std.path are now exported to javascript, and in the manual. This enables a few usefull functions like

var file = "/etc/passwd"
println("Directory = " + Path.getDirName(file));
println("Filename = " + Path.getBaseName(file));
println("combined filename = " + Path.join("etc","passwd"));

Regex Fixes

In testing extjs parsing, I came across two bugs in D's regex implementation, that prevented it's loading.
  • forgetful parsing (?:abc|cde|xyz) - the fix for this was trivial and is in D's bugtracker, and there is a modified regex file in the dmdscript distribution.
  • the use of special chars in character range matching after the '-'. eg.  [\w-\*] and [\w-\.] which should be interpreted as [\w\*-] and [\w\.-].  These currently parse correctly however I've not got round to fixing the implementation properly so they are pretty broken at present. (basically matching everything from \w onwards...) - the bugs in D's bugtraker, but the fix is not... I may get back to this...

Simplified exporting of Structures

One of the missing pieces for the Gtk Bindings, that I came accross with jLeds, was the event structures had not been bound. Since they are very simple structs, and you only need to get access to their properties, I developed a new action for the wrap file "structDump" which autogenerates the class file, forces the full Struct definition to be written and writes getter methods for all the exportable properties.

Bindings builder flexibility

Since we now have about 20 libraries bound, the Wrapping builder script can take a little while on slow systems to build all the bindings code. So I've added the ability to specify which APILookup files to action.
eg. to build LibSoup you can do.
sh APILookupGLib.txt APILookupGObject.txt APILookupSoup.txt 
It cant do the dependancy resolution yet, so you have to list all the pre-requisite packages so it has access to all the required types when building the library you need.

The struct parser is also a  little more robust now, handling comments and lists of elements eg.
ushort x, y;

Minor Gtk Fixes

  • G.Object.setProperty(String key, Any value) now works, and converts value into G.Values automatically.
  • GtkTreePath[] Gtk.TreeSelection.prototype.getSelectedRows(Gtk.TreeModel model)  now works - although I need to look at generic ways to generate array of Objects from GList..
  • new Gtk.TreeStore(Array coltypes) now works (where coltypes is either an array of strings, or G.Types.) - this works along with the other constructor methods - eg. varargs......
  • Gtk.TreeStore.prototype.set(Gtk.TreeIter row, Array values) now works to quickly set the values of a tree row, rather than calling set(GtkTreeIter row, Number col, Mixed value)
  • Gtk.Container.prototype.remove(Number item) and Gtk.Container.prototype.remove(Gtk.Widget widget) are now working - I need to change this slightly, so you can remove all by sending '0' as the item, and waiting until it returns false...
  • Most of the  GtkEvent Structures are now exported, and all the properties are available as getters.
  • new GdkColor(Number color)  is based on 0xRRGGBB hexidecimal values, rather than longintegers.. (you can use the long version to do more precise colours: new GdkColor(Number red, Number green , Number blue);
  • new Gdk.Pixbuf(Array xpmdata) is now supported so converting xpm data for use as icons is very simple (just replace "const char**" with "var")

ExtJs loading

One of the goals is to make the engine compatible with existing code out there, a nice test of this was extjs, which it can now load correctly (with a few lines of javascript prefixing the loading). I've not actually tested any of the functionality yet, as XmlHttpRequest needs building from the libsoup bindings.

jLeds port underway..

What's a language without an editor (or an email client - if you know the old joke about every application eventually evolves until it can read email.).. So partly to test the bindings I've started looking at porting Leds to gtkjs - the code is in tests/jLeds, and gives a good example of some of the new Javascript2 features, along with the gtk bindings.

Try the newsgroup if you need support.

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