Published 2010-03-08 13:52:00

The documentation for seed gobject introspection is improving continually, I now have a jhbuild virtual machine, which is picking up the latest versions from git.

In addition many of the documentation details have been expanded, including
  • Interfaces, Enums
  • callback methods are now documented
  • More libraries have been added.
  • More doc comments can be picked up
With better documentation it's finally possible to figure out how to use the API. A classic example of this was a small problem I tried to solve before the API documentation was available. Listing a directory asynchronously, It took me over an hour to get close to figuring out how to do this, I eventually had to give up. as digging through the source, C reference and GIR files took so long.

However within 5 minutes with the documentation, I was able to write a small script to do this.
Gio =;
Gtk =;

var f = Gio.file_new_for_path('/home/');
f.enumerate_children_async (
        function(o,ar) {
          // listing completed..
           var fe = f.enumerate_children_finish(ar);
var ch = false;
while (ch = fe.next_file(null)) { Seed.print(ch.get_name()); } Seed.quit(); }, null); Gtk.main();

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