Published 2003-10-12 11:39:08

I've been making pretty good headway with this.. - gtk.php fires up pretty well, and most of the simple button/widgets work.. Callbacks are working Ok as far as I can work out.

Next on the challenges is to fix
I disabled this early on.. - so hopefully it shouldnt be too much to re-enable it..

As a side to this, I've also been playing with a C_Parser, to improve my h2def.php code. The idea being that if parsing a .h file was very simple, then writing extensions would be an realitively automated task..

it's PHP5 only, and you can play with it by checking it out from php's cvs

cvs -d checkout -r GTK2 php-gtk

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Nothing about the actual post here, but just thought I would point out that the title of this page should probably be:

"Smoking too much PHP"


"Smoking to much PHP"

#0 - FinalMjolnir ( Link) on 2003-10-28 23:04:41 Delete Comment
Spelling is not one of my great expertises :) - although getting the Title right is probably a good start..
#1 - Alan Knowles ( Link) on 2003-10-28 23:48:00 Delete Comment

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