Published 2002-03-30 21:46:00

Site News
Just a minor update, all the digital camera movies are now online, I found a nice little applications dumpmpeg (based on the sdl library), that after a minor hack, I used to make thumbnails of all the mpeg movies from the camera.

Phpmole news
Other than that, 'recent files' has been added to phpmole and I got another patch into php4.2 (just a little curl fix). still looking at two key areas for development on phpmole - pgtkhtml is still pending me sorting out the rest of the debugger - you cant do really complex gtk apps without a good debugger.., the other one was the glade builder (while glade is nice), it is not a pluggable application, and the thought is that extending the current libglade emulation layer it might be possible to do that......

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